How We Can Solve the Crisis?

Join Patrick Murphy and David Jolly this fall as they visit Florida’s largest cities and college campuses.



Addressing Today’s Greatest Political Challenges

In today’s hyper-partisan world of politics, entrenched gridlock in Washington, and endless tense exchanges on cable news networks, should Americans believe that we can in fact find common ground on the most pressing issues we face as a nation?  And is there still time for today’s elected leaders – Republicans & Democrats - to inspire all generations, from millennials to retirees, with a spirit of thoughtful, hard-fought, consensus-driven bipartisanship?


Patrick Murphy

Now out of elected office, these friends and former opponents are embarking on a statewide conversation with voters in the nation’s 3rd largest state, notoriously purple and always pivotal in today’s national elections.

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Join Patrick and David this fall as they visit Florida’s largest cities and college campuses.

Former Members of Congress David Jolly (R) and Patrick Murphy (D) believe so.  And they’re setting out on a tour of Florida to pull the curtain back on how we got here, to shine a light on the inside reasons why Washington has fallen into stalemate and dysfunction.  Along the way, Jolly and Murphy will discuss opportunities for bipartisan leadership, how to build political consensus, and to demonstrate that even in times of disagreement on solutions to our country’s most divisive issues, those disagreements need not divide us as a people.


During their years in Congress, Democrat Murphy had the privilege of representing a Republican-leaning district in South Florida, while Republican Jolly represented a Democrat-leaning district on Florida’s Gulf Coast.  Together they found ways to work together on seemingly intractable issues of responsible debt reduction, climate change and the environment, community policing and public safety, federal firearm policies, and campaign finance reform.  And for a year, they faced off as opponents in a U.S. Senate race.  

David Jolly

Join Patrick and David this fall as they visit Florida’s largest cities and college campuses...a unique chance!


Wednesday, October 18th, 7pm

Wednesday, October 25th, 6pm

Tuesday, September 12th, 7pm

Wednesday, October 4th, 3pm

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Marshall Student Center, Oval Theater. 

4103 USF Cedar Circle, Tampa.

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Tuesday, October 10th at 4pm

Dr. Susan MacManus

Distinguished University of South Florida Professor of Public Affairs and Political Science 

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